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Autosome [aw-tuh-sohm] aka Samuel France was born in the small town of Nambour in the lush sunshine state of Queensland, Australia in 1990. First introduced to electronic music in 2007, Autosome set his sights on mixing - he fell in love with syncing two tracks together and bringing out the best elements of each in ever-evolving ways. After much experience mixing Autosome’s curiosity about the fundamentals of composition arose and his journey as a producer started. His style is typified by deep bass lines, morphing melodies infused in psychedelic roots, and an emphasis on progressive syncopation. Autosome is inspired by fellow artists and elements of the environments he is surrounded in. His first DAW was no other than Fruity Loops 7, however he has since found his true love in Cubase, progressing to other software such as Ableton and Protools. While hardware lends itself greatly to creativity, the Autosome sound is based on in-the-box producing. Autosome’s first release, “Elephant Rain Dance” was released with ESF (Essential Slam Funk) Records with remixes by no other than Vinny Xavier and Xenoscapes.

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ESF / Undervoid Acoustics 


This is bears Techno alter ego. This is where he goes back to his roots, but there is a sneaky underlining psy sound there. Here you will find a mix of his own techno and some of the best cutting edged underground artists blended into his own tracks and tracks from his label Essential Slam Funk Records. Bi Polar Bear has already supported artist like Sumiruna (AUS), Dirty Hippy (UK), Grouch (NZ), Zen Mechanics (NL).

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Charles Budini, Melbourne based Producer and DJ.
Inspired by the urban backdrop of the city, and the natural surrounds of the Australian outback, Budini has found a deep love for powerful, energetic and driving techno that is as much at home in either setting.

Budini Released his Debut EP through ESF records in 2016, including a remix from Vinny Xavier, the EP received underground success and songs from the EP are being played on festival and club dance floors internationally. 
In October 2018 Budini Released ‘Perplex’ a Collaboration with Mha iri. Within a week of its release, the Perplex EP skyrocketed to number one on both the overall and techno Beatport release charts.

Over his DJ career, Budini has played in Melbourne clubs such as New Guernica, My Aeon, The Railway, Rubix Warehouse and Groundfloor as well as playing sets at outdoor festivals such as Elements Festival (AUS), Rainbow Serpent (Aus), Burning Man and Burning Seed.

Blending the electric sounds of synthesisers with industrial and natural field recordings Budini creates his own unique taste of techno with the mission of bringing energy, experience and life to the dance floor.

MBM is a young musician, DJ & Producer born on Lake Maggiore (IT) and based in Milan. After his studies he mixed his knowledge as guitarist and electronic technician developing his personal vision of Techno sound. Audio Engineering student, inspired by dark atmosphere, syncopated driven percussions and deep reverbs his sound want to bring the listeners to break barriers of space/time and get lost in that mystical dimension. He's part of Third Nature, Daniele Boncordo's imprint as one of main members where he released his "Dimensione EP" and on 17/09 "Resilience EP" his second one on the label. His track "Blind" will be release on Insane Code Recorings on the very 1st vinyl release of the label at the end of 2018.

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Vladimir is Sydney based DJ, producer where he started his career in 2015, sharing a musical vision of mixing an impulsive, psychedelic and deeply moving soundscape in higher BPM range.

Vladimir is involved in Australian psytrance scene as a DJ and organiser of psytrance events around New South Wales (AUS) right at the beginning of his journey in music career. Where he had opportunity to meet experienced DJs and producers. Therefore, his passion to music and DJ-ing led him to Sydney DJ School. Where he has taken the opportunity to improve and develop DJ skills. After few years as a DJ and event organizer Vladimir decided to study Production of Electronic Music.

However, during his study Vladimir found passion in music styles with a slightly slower tempo such as Techno, House, Tech-House etc. Since than his focus is to create sounds full of tension, energy and dark subtle tones carrying deep kick and bass.

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Vinicius Xavier’s music builds an ecosystem in your mind. A post-apocalyptic sonic-landscape, thick with foliage and primal life, punctuated with resounding, metallic reminders of the industrial metropolis corroding beneath. Combining DJ & Live gear with an experimental mind-set and natural ability to connect with the crowd, Xavier is able to create a different aural vista each time, making every set unique.

Xavier’s addiction to sound started young and his journey has taken him through guitar, bass, drums and then into the world of electronic production and sound design. Starting with deep psytrance, Xavier slowly found his way through deeper grooves until he found his home in Techno.

Originally from Brazil, Xavier has been a fixture of the local Australian scene since 2011. He has played at festivals such as Earth Frequency, Enchanted, Beat Machine, Dark Forest, Sol Sistere and Koncept One. 
His music resonates on an international level with releases on labels such as Din Is Noise, Concepto Hipnotico, ESF Records, Moth Records, Cerebelo Records, Adaptogen Audio and Bowlba Records. He has created remixes with Knobs, Freddy Hetzinger, Alexander Noakes, Yorx, Autosome and more and performed internationally in 2015 at WAO Festival in Italy.


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