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Agent 23 is a pioneer of the night time sound in Australia. He always brings a quality sound, solid Dark Psy with flawless tight mixing. The Agent has played all the major events across oz since the early nineties.

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The Ben Focus project is the musical evolution of American Psytrance producer Ben Fogel. Ben Focus brings abstract sound design and warm organic landscapes together to achieve a uniquely sculpted sound. This sound keeps listeners engaged and furthermore intrigued. After his most recent release on Goa Gil compilation - Postcards from Kali, Ben has found a home with Australian Record Label ESF Records. The Ben Focus project intends to place listeners on a sonic journey that provides an opportunity to change perspective, connect with others and share love. Ben Focus draws on this emotion and energy to deliver a purely psychedelic experience​

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Brisbane born female artist, Carissa Barry Aka Dj Batz has been working in and around the electronic music scene for several years now and has performed in every major city across Australia. In this short amount of time her career as a Dj, performer and promoter has taken her to new heights, obtaining residencies with Deep Space, ESF Records and has seen her playing at and running some of the largest and most influential underground events in SEQ.
Although best known for her In Ya Face Psychedelic Breakbeats & pounding Techno sets, Batz is an appreciator of all music and always incorporates numerous genres and unique themes into her performance.

Some recent events include; Subsonic Music Festival (NSW), Psyfari Festival (Syd), Defqon1 (Syd), Space a tribe Australian Tour, Wizardry of Oz (Syd), Locally Hosted (Melb), Lightmare (Adelaide), Fresh FM (Adelaide), Psyland Before Time (ACT), Shroomed (Tasmania), Terminally Illin’ (Perth), Wake the Dead (Perth), Tropical Boogie (Perth)


Horuscope is James Lond from Canberra, Australia. For him, the best and most psychedelic experiences are hearing new things for the first time. Drawing inspiration from the most experimental artists such as Sectio Aurea, Mirror Me, Audiosyntax, Tegmentum etc, Horuscope strives to explore new sounds and directions with each track. He is on a continuous path of musical discovery, and aims to expose listeners to things they would otherwise never witness.


Ngarkotix is a psychedelic trance dj/producer from the far south coast of NSW Australia. hes played all up and down the east coast of Australia and along side some big named international artists such as insector, parandroid, airi,loose connection, ,eurythmy and many more. after djing on and off for the past decade and playing many different genres of psytrance his musical pallet has finally matured and his jam is mainly hi tech,forest and night time psy but, is open to just about everything. with a heavy 80s thrash metal background and garage full of mixing techniques that hes acquired through a insane amont of practice. he is sure to turn the dancefloor into a dance machine.

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Primary Project of sydney based producer that aims at the Darker more twisted psyde of Psytrance! Professor Smokes takes you through many dimensions with shamanic chants, hypnotic and gothic keys, crushing heavy guitar riffs, world music flavor's and technical kick and bass patterns.


I am Dylan and I write tunes under the name ~Quadrapuss~ ranging from pumping funky prog into more full on psytrance/darkpsy (I really like trying get as much of the journey in as possible) creating an experience for both body and mind. I am up to play any time anywhere really just want to share what I've created and contribute to the energy of the scene I love so much

I have been mucking around with various DAWs over time beginning on fruityloops before finally settling comfortably in Abelton. I guess I just want to give that melancholy vibe, have people feeling oddly familiar but not able to explain why almost like deja vu, lost in delirium. Its been good to be finally exploring the noises trapped within my head space. Watching and learning from artists like Abstrakt, Figmunt, Reality Pixie, IntAwoven and Hieroglyphick really gave me the keys to doors of the odd reality that ~Quadrapuss~ exists within.

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