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He was born in 1983 comes from a small town in Piedmont, called Biella.
At 12 years old, he started to play a guitar in local metal bands. 
After a few years, he discovered the psytrance world and it was instant love with the underground & dark atmospheres he experienced, at the same time he continued his guitar studies and approaches to jazz and fusion world.

NightTime is his connection with psytrance world. He is always searching for frequencies which connect with your inner self. 
in the following years he played in several parties organized by different labels & crews, such as Looney Moon rec, Creative Jungle rec, Merkaba Crew, Semantik Om Crew, Trancemission Project, Psytronic Crew & more. 
in 2014 he joined in Semantik om Crew and with them, he organised several parties in the north of italy. In 2015 he joined Psytronic Crew, historical italian crew and in January 2017 he joined D Noir Records.
In these years he shared the stage with famous artist like Arjuna, Zzbing, Hyeperegs, Full Face, Cosinus, Dharma, Bom Shankar, Fagin's Reject, Kindzadza, Module Virus.


Dj/producer and Promoter and Record label owner for ESF Records, from South East Queensland, Australia. Bear has always been interested in music and was a keen collector from a young age and after years of promoting he found the outdoor psychedelic scene and started djing back in 2002. Over the years he has crafted his skills and brings a high energy performance to his sets with an amazing track selection. With sounds from a past love of metal and punk his sounds are massive and always fill a dance floor with big psychedelic bass drops and twists with samples that'll sure to stay on the mind to ponder....


Bear is found at most parties up and down the east coast of Australia either djing or running around

helping the party in some way, as he also runs Esf Records/promotions which host some

of the biggest events in SEQld. He has just returned from gigs in Europe and played at many large and small events along the east coast of Australia like Earth Freq, Bushweek, Secret Sessions, Tribal Sessions, Royal Doof (melb/seqld), Southern Oracle, Psyfari (sydney), Lost the Plot (melb), Earthdance (qld/nnsw/perth), Soliton Drop (canberra), Liquid Illusions. And has held a residency at Brisbane's longest running psy night Deep Space, Secret Obsessions and the Underground Resistance, He has recently returned from Europe playing gigs at WAO festival, Forest Reverberation, Holi Bush and 99% Water and has played along artists like Chris Rich, Dirty Safi, Farebi Jalebi, Dust, GMS, Shift, MadianBrains, Dark Nebula, Spacetribe, Daharma, Tickets, Ozzy, Baphomet Engine, Scorb, Infected Mushroom, Concept and Chromotone to name a few.


For bookings email

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Camila Concha began her career as a DJ in 2008 playing with vinyl which is one of her passions. She has dedicated her time on perfecting her technique while playing at local events back in her home country Colombia. 'A Burning Man Experience', 'Ruta Nomada' and 'O-tune fest' to mention just a few. She has also been playing in Sydney with Secret Obsessions, Season X and Undervoid from 2017 when she moved to Australia.

Camila is proud to be part of ESF Records - Sydney. With whom she has been working as a DJ on the sounds of Forest, Twilight and Dark genres. She's focused on the discovery of psychedelic sounds filled with energy, melody and different consciousness states that she can transmit to the crowd. Furthermore, she is working on her own unique music productions as her future career focus.


Chenk : A representation of harmony through the construction of melodic progression and the harmonization of figured basses and melodies.
Chenk will take you through a journey of destructive impacts, dark , bellowing atmospheres and psychedelic soundscapes with full power rolling basslines. A touch of chunk to get you bounce but not hesitating to push it into overdrive to really get you dancing, this is one man who will hands down bring the floor and keep it going.


Codes Watt is Codetech a local from Newcastle who has been a part of the newy crew, who bring you newpsycle, for years. 
So, after many years in the psy scene he decided to take up djing and has been dishing out your regular dose of psytrance around the nsw bushland for a solid four years now. Frequently gracing the dance floors with full power & melodic night time tuna which has seen him play 
a long side the likes of Dust, Whiptounge, Twisted system, Bear, Headroom, Rabdom L, Pspiralife, Ryanosaurus, Tetrameth to name a few.
He has been a regular at newpsycle now for the last few years and has also blasted the decks 
at these events, Hypnotic 1 & 2. 2014/2015, RecommendSolutions 2016, Psydways 2016, 
Melting moments 2016, Secret Sessions 2016, Area51 2016, Geo 2016, Section One 2016 Antigravity 2017,
Freakshow 2017, Twisted elements 2017, Psylentnight 2017.


EB10 is Riccardo Bertagnolio aka Billo, from a small town near Turin, in the north-west of Italy. During the teen age he hangs out at mostly of the squats in Turin, enjoying a lot of reggae and punk shows, and falling in love for the concept of making noise on a stage. In 2010 he discovered electronic music, by attending some free parties. Then he found his ultimate love: psytrance music. After many years of parties and festivals ,in 2014 he started spinning records and few months after he joined the "Semantik – Om" crew. After 2 years of djing and many gigs all over the Italian country, he joins forces with the Aussie-mates of ESF Records, and begins the path to deliver his own production. The journey is just at the beginning...


Geomevtrix - ESF Records is the upcoming project of Mevin Naidu born in Mauritius and lives in Perth, Australia.

Mev has been in the underground music scene for over a decade, founder of Milky Way productions hosting indoor and outdoor parties in WA. Geomevtrix has been performing in few countries already and many more to come. This human can take you through dimensions day or night with his sets ranging from 130 to 150 bpm with a Geomevtrix twist along the lines of progressive psy to full on psytrance.

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The project started in 2005 (originally as a duo) from an idea by Pablo to create a psy-trance live set purely analogue, played with drum machines and analog instruments only. This is what makes the sound so hypnotic and unique. The result is a mixture of psychedelic vibes (with a special care to "oldschool" style sounds) combined with modern and powerful bass lines. GND music is structured to push the adrenaline of the dancefloor at the highest levels, by mixing aggressive sinth, acid landscapes and funny loop samples all togheter. Borned under the TranceMission influence, GND joined the Aussie label “Essential Slam Funk Records” in January 2014, where he released his first ep "10000 spliffs", together with some other tunes. From 2007, he has played in several country across Europe, Asia and Australia

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One thing you should know about Dj Loose Cannon is that he sucks at this bio business.
But Loose has been playing ALL SHORTS of music at clubs, raves & doofs for well over a decade so he has the goods to make you dance your but off and have a great time. 
Loose cannon is known for playing many styles of Psychedelic sounds, from quite fast to fairly slow tripped out fun. Prog Psy, break beats, acid, techno, hip hop. All ways keeping it fresh & different by taking risks, using the dance floor as an experimental zone for creation. Tricks in the mix, effects, sampling, catchy cheeky acappellas & can be seen delivering all of this over 3 decks, never afraid to drop some reggae or good feeling old time classics.
Loose Cannon has played at some big parties and festivals over the years like Erisian Fields (Sydney), Transmission Parties (Sydney), Injected (Melbourne), DEFQON 1 (Sydney) 3D (Melbourne), Sunrise Beach Parties (South Coast), Gatecrasher, New Psycle, Residence @ Plastic (Sydney), Galactic Centre, Black Magic (Sydney),PSYFARI festival, Deepspace ( syd) Stonefest (Canberra), Dragon Dreaming Festival (Canberra) Happy daze ( QLD ) Metamorphosis (QLD)and a Bloody lot more.

He has also supported some of the world's best DJs and producers such as Hallucinogen (UK), Proc's , Stella Ink pony, Bliss, Trold, Sensient (Australia), Electrypnose, Zen Mechanics, Brid of prey, Birds of Paradise, UFO (UK), Sonic Animation (Australia), Farebi Jalebe (australia), Endorphin (Australia), Sticky buds (USA)San & Tac (australia), The Fruitbat (USA), Yoji Biomehanika (Japan), Space Tribe (Australia), Scorb (uk), Devieant Spices (uk), Proteus (Finland), Antix (New zealand), 28 Days (Australia), Koolism (Australia), PQM (USA), GTR (Europe), Mr Bill (australia)Tetrameth (Australia), Shadow FX (Australia),Grouch (Zew zealand), JOOf (UK),Minimal Criminal (brazil), Merkaba (Australia), Pspiralife (Australia), Sqiud inc, Hed Flux (uk) and many, many more.


Mud is the creative project of Ben Ferreira that joins powerful and funky bass lines with night time psychedelic trance. Listeners can expect a mix of dark groovy leads and melodic undertones to sweep them away from their bodies to join in stomping transcendence.

For Bookings Contact


Live, Sydney based, Dark Psy-Trance Duo.
The point or area in which light and shade blend. The partially shaded outer region of the shadow cast by an opaque object.

Packed with a truck load of Full on, Dark Psy & Chunky Prog, Penumbra is the Psychedelic, Psy-Trance collaboration created by local Sydney artists - Batz and Vertical Transport. This duo have joined forces to create an intense mind altering experience and to build a new breed of sound that defies all laws and knows no boundaries...

With more than 20 years of combined Djing and producing experience between them, Penumbra never fail in their ability to provide massive amounts of energy, uplifting vibrations and an unparalleled performance.

ૐ ૐ ૐ ૐ ૐ ૐ ૐ ૐ ૐ ૐ ૐ ૐ ૐ

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saint witch.jpg

Etnicanet Records (Ibiza, Spain), Spirited_Sound Records (Euro,USA,Mexico,Asia),ESF Records (Australia)

Saintwitch is the unchallenged lead female Psychedelic DJ in Korea!

Her style is based on the exquisite mixing of female character and powerful funky sounds. 
She prefers deep tech Psychedelic trance and has studied classical music for over 10 years 
from the age of 7 studied orchestra Music instrumental at KOREA university of Art. 
She started to perform Garage Punk as a keyboardist In Seoul and later got into applied music 
and electronic music which led to becoming a DJ in 2004. From these influences, 
her DJ style is very dark and powerful. During her time as a resident at famous trance clubs in Australia 
she has expanded out into a range of music through interchanges with Australian DJs and performed in the NSW Festival Australia and GOA GIL After Party. After coming back to Korea, she performed with Kawasaki, Mondo grosso,Fullmoom mondo ,Yoji biomanika ,Famfatal & Mukai ,Alkaroid, Ten-g,ZIKI,Kyoko,miki (JP) Cxl(NZ), Yoshi,Pulsar,Steve hill(AU), Cloud & Hird(SWD),Red Richard (US),D'Jamancy(FR), Technikal, Kid Kaos,(UK), Astrix(Rus), Sun Project (GER),CPU(ES),Young (ITA),DNA,Void, Katarsis (ISR) for special guest gigs at FULLMOON FEST 2007-2009, BLACKMOON FEST2009 (THD),GLOBAL GATHERING 2009 (KR), Villige-TOKYO 2010 (JP), PENTA-ROCK FEST 2011(KR), INNER-TRIP FEST2011 -2012(KR),PERPLE-NOZZLE(KR), GEOMATIC DREAM 2016FEST(AU),SOUND-FLOWER FEST 2016(AU), PSY-LAND FEST2016(AU),SOLITON-DROP2016 (AU), and has been main DJ and organizing over 300 Psychedelic trance parties in Australia and Asia. In 2009-2014 she Created her crew of 'Psy travellers' she presented over 50 times all around clubs in Seoul. she started work with JTI has booked many global artists to South Korea with Psy travellers . she came back to Australia and every month performing dj at MASIF DJ(Syd) at main-stage 2012 she signed a contract with Etnicanet Records (IBIZA ,SPAIN) represented in Seoul and build- up Psy Travellers all system, successful her own brand event every month in Korea with local djs and international guests and returned Australia 2016 ready for Euro / South America touring in next year with Spirited_Sound Records (Euro,USA,Mexico,Asia) She will pull you into a divine variety of psychedelic worlds from dusk till dawn.


Freaq factory name-1.png

Based in Sydney, Australia - FreAq Factory has been inspired and influenced by many different styles of music from a very young age. Seeking to take listeners into a state of constant sonic hypnosis, he has been curating beats for the freAqs since 2014. His sets are always put together with plenty of love and are always filled to the brim with plenty of crunk, fo' yo' trunk. Able to blast either in the daytime or peak night time hours, while forever keeping the sacred dancefloor experience at the forefront of the story being told.

Freaq factory1_n.jpg
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Synapsis is from a cave on the Western Australian beach, from her is where he resonates with the land to produce his style of Goa infused  psychedelic trance with sounds that have deep roots of the indigenous sounds of Australia, that will touch you deep and stay on you mind.


Tickets is the solo project of Josef-Ashton Summs from Cape Town/ South Africa, currently residing in Germany. He has been a part of Timecode Records since his early days and is also working together with his brother Ian (Phyx) as Brethren and with his friend Till (Daksinamurti) as “Android Spirit”. Besides these projects he has been working on many collaborations with various artists within the scene such as Shift, Hujaboy, Abomination, Earworm, Distant Touch, Terrafractyl among others. Since he started in 2002 Josef can look back to over 100 releases on various compilations on labels like Timecode, Beyond Logic, Nexus-Media, Spectral, Crystal Matrix and others, including, 2 albums and a compilation.
His main musical influence comes from his education in royal schools of London classical music theory. Music opened another side of Josef’s imagination and he soon materialized his ideas in the sounds he is producing till today. So far Tickets has performed worldwide, in many countries such as Japan, Belgium, Finland, USA, France, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Mexico, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden and South Africa for festivals like Boom (Portugal), Alien Safari, Vortex, Fullmoon Festival, etc. The next album of the maestro can be expected in 2015.


music is life; the gods should be musicians . imagine a band with our gods playing the instruments. would be cool

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