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AzTeK is the electronic music production of Aaron Chegwidden. Started in 2010, AzTeK's sound is about huge daytime bass mixed with grindy and tough leads, with just the right amount of percusion sprinkled over the top! Creating a sound that can only be described as his own, AzTeK has pounded dancefloors up and down the east coast of Oz. Having played to crowds at festivals such as Cairns Winter Solstice 2010, Southern Oracle, Secret Sessions, Earthdance, Summer Psyfari and every where in between this is a sound not to be missed! AzTek is going to take you on the ride with him!

Digital Sun a cutting edge electronic music project created by DJ & Producer Ash Mohan. 
With an ear for fresh sounds and edgy electronica, Ash has created a unique style of dance music employing a tasteful mix of everlasting sound scapes, groovy rhythms and sharp synthesis, blended beautifully with soulful vocals and deep, techy atmospheres. The Digital Sun project is a unique blend of dance floor friendly flavours, ranging from deep tech house to progressive trance, all tailored for maximum groove and adaptable to many different environments. 
Equally at home purveying mind-melting melodies on the club floor or rumbling deep baselines through the trees in the most picturesque of outdoor gatherings, Digital Sun is a boundary pushing project with a contemporary mindset and an ear to the future of electronic music!


 Nokturnal was down on the Far South Coast of NSW, where he found himself surrounded by music from a young age. One day whilst looking for more "metal" through his older brother's cd stash during his early years at high school, he stumbled across a cd stamped "CLASSICAL MUSHROOM......INFECTED" . The disease spread quickly and a strong addiction to psytrance led him under the wings of some TALENTED locals, where he was taught the basics of mixing. Over the next few years, he played local parties until his addiction finally led him to the idea of production. After some serious amounts of washing dishes, he slowly bought the necessary basics, and moved to South East Queensland to hone his skills.

Currently studying a diploma of sound production through tafe, his spare time is spent gazing into a computer screen writing trance ranging through the genre's of psygressive, progressive, morning psy, full on and a few broken beats in-between.... check out his releases on esf records….

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Perth based Dj who started out in the DnB scene in 2001, honing his skills on vinyl and quickly picking up some valuable lessons from local established artist along the way.

18 years later Mayz aka Ray is now a regular in the Perth Bush Doof scene. Mainly focusing on Minimal Tech and Psy Prog these days.

In the short 2 years of being booked for doofs MayZ has quickly made a big impact on Perths local doof community with Psy Prog, Chunky Aggressive Minimal and Progressive Minimal.

Gracing the stage on a regular basis now and has played alongside some local/interstate and international headliners including the likes of Ed Solo, Grouch, The Freestylers, Beats Antique, Smoke Sign, Purple Hayes, Like Liquid, Mr Bill, Silicon Slave, Grouch, Dreadean, Fraktal Nature, Metaflux, Father Funk, Morgazmk, Fraktal Faerie, Smilk, Geomevtrixx, Reactant, Bear, Kinimal, Dank Stank, Ajita, Arbee, Farfetched, Shie'ox, Schrodinga's Funk, Lunar, Sensient, Logman n Pstump and more.
Mayz also works closely with local crew Twisted Jah and is the head organiser of Twisted Jah Events. Like our page for upcoming events


[placeholder] Space, time and emotion with a heavy splash of groove.


Im  a young electronic producer and dj from Australia. I started out djing at a young age and quickly movewd onto producing prog psy and psytrance. I played my first gig at Alien March 2014 in Queensland held by ESF Records and have played numerous  gigs scince then, in the last few years I have been concentrating on my production, so keep an eye out for future releases.