Visual Existence is the solo dj project of ngatiwai hetaraka, growing up and currently living in eden located on the far south coast of new south wales, Australia, this kid is no stranger to psytrance! Getting exposed to the magic in 2005, he began collecting cds and attending local partys, instantly falling in love with the headbanging basslines and psycedelic soundscapes. He also has a love for thrash metal and learnt how to play several different instruments.
After a few years of blending all different genres of music, playing guitar and drums, ngatiwai found himself in front of a set of decks. having a tiny bit of experience he went to work mixing every day, litlle did he know that playing the drums and jamming with mates would help him out with beatmatching and staying in time. The visual existence sound is focused on old & new skool, full on night time psytrance and can even end up in the realms of darkpsy V.E's style include heavy rolling basslines, pounding energetic leads, full on spacey noises and headbangin drops!! If you catch a Visual Existence set prepare for some full power energy!


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