Vinicius Xavier’s music builds an ecosystem in your mind. A post-apocalyptic sonic-landscape, thick with foliage and primal life, punctuated with resounding, metallic reminders of the industrial metropolis corroding beneath. Combining DJ & Live gear with an experimental mind-set and natural ability to connect with the crowd, Xavier is able to create a different aural vista each time, making every set unique. Xavier’s addiction to sound started young and his journey has taken him through guitar, bass, drums and then into the world of electronic production and sound design. Starting with deep psytrance, Xavier slowly found his way through deeper grooves until he found his home in Techno.

Originally from Brazil, Xavier has been a fixture of the local Australian scene since 2011. He has played at festivals such as Earth Frequency, Enchanted, Beat Machine, Dark Forest, Sol Sistere and Koncept One.
His music resonates on an international level with releases on labels such as Din Is Noise, Concepto Hipnotico, ESF Records, Moth Records, Cerebelo Records, Adaptogen Audio and Bowlba Records. He has created remixes with Knobs, Freddy Hetzinger, Alexander Noakes, Yorx, Autosome and more and performed internationally in 2015 at WAO Festival in Italy.


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