Tickets is the project of Josef-Ashton Summs originating from Cape Town/ South Africa and currently residing in Germany. Josef is also highly active with his other acts Android Spirit and Brethren. He has been a part of the Timecode family from the start and got into music and DJing while hanging out in his brothers record shop and was soon performing at outdoor parties under African sky. His musical influences have its roots in his 8 years study of music theory and classical piano with the “Royal schools of London” program, which opened his imagination and helped him to materialize his musical ideas and visions till the present day. His first steps of productions soon followed with the help of his mentors – Artifakt, Shift, Rabdom L and his brother Phyx and his first release came of on VA Alien Safari in 2004. In 2006 Josef released his highly acclaimed debut album “Timelapse” which became one of label’s milestones, got raving reviews and is still in demand for many music lovers today. His second album “Dreaming of Places” followed in 2008. Together with his older brother Ian (Phyx) he formed the act Brethren and released the albums “Legend of Cane” on Nexus Media in 2006 and “Price of Prophecy” on Spectral in 2008.
After a touring in Japan, Israel and European festivals such as Boom Festival in 2010 Josef took a creative break, focused on surfing among other things and soon decided to move to Europe to be geographically closer to the action. In 2013 Josef released his first compilation VA “Android Wave”. Together with his friend Daksinamurti he formed his newest project Android Spirit, which released their album “Synthetic Organism” 2014 on Timecode followed by performances to new realms such as North America, Canada, North Africa and Mexico. Currently Timecode’s classical maestro is working on his third album and developing his style to continue to move dance floors all over the world at any time.


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