Saintwitch is the unchallenged lead female Psychedelic DJ in Korea. Her style is based on the exquisite mixing of female character and powerful funky sounds. She prefers deep tech Psychedelic trance and has studied classical music for over 10 years from the age of 7 studied orchestra Music instrumental at KOREA university of Art. She started to perform Garage Punk as a keyboardist In Seoul and later got into applied music and electronic music which led to becoming a DJ in 2004. From these influences,her DJ style is very dark and powerful. During her time as a resident at famous trance clubs in Australia she has expanded out into a range of music through interchanges with Australian DJs and performed in the NSW Festival Australia and GOA GIL After Party. After coming back to Korea, she performed with Kawasaki, Mondo grosso, Fullmoon mondo ,Yoji biomanika ,Famfatal & Mukai ,Alkaroid, Ten-g,ZIKI,Kyoko,miki (JP) Cxl(NZ), Yoshi,Pulsar,Steve hill(AU), Cloud & Hird(SWD),Red Richard (US),D'Jamancy(FR), Technikal, Kid Kaos,(UK), Astrix(Rus), Sun Project (GER),CPU(ES),Young (ITA),DNA,Void, Katarsis (ISR) for special guest gigs at FULLMOON FEST 2007-2009, BLACKMOON FEST2009 (THD),GLOBAL GATHERING 2009 (KR), Villige-TOKYO 2010 (JP), PENTA-ROCK FEST 2011(KR), INNER-TRIP FEST2011-2012(KR), PERPLE-NOZZLE(KR), GEOMATIC DREAM 2016FEST(AU),SOUND-FLOWER FEST 2016(AU), PSY-LAND FEST2016(AU),SOLITON-DROP2016 (AU), and has been main DJ and organizing over 300 Psychedelic trance parties in Australia and Asia. In 2009-2014 she created her crew of 'Psy travellers' she presented over 50 times all around clubs in Seoul. she started work with JTI has booked many global artists to South Korea with Psy travellers. She came back to Australia and every month performing dj at MASIF DJ(Syd) at main-stage 2012 she signed a contract with Etnicanet Records (IBIZA ,SPAIN) represented in Seoul and build- up Psy Travellers all system, successful her own brand event every month in Korea with local djs and international guests and returned Australia 2016 she performed with many greatest Australian Artists around Australia pure scene. now she just got back from her Asia Touring 2017 one in between 5 areas big successful.


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