In 1992 A mysterious frequency was discovered by astrological groups around the globe with no known discernible origin or purpose, further investigation showed its presence throughout the Galaxy with groups claiming its existence stretched further still beyond the walls of humanities perception. Vigorous and secretive investigations ensued but it was not until 2013 that new revelations came to the surface and so the Quadrapuss was finally discovered. A mass of tentacles residing deep within the cosmos it's organic squishy mass responsible for the ethereal frequencies beginning to invade the minds of the world. Though we have learned slowly of what its presence represents there are still leaps and bounds for us to traverse and we ask you to join us on this journey through the stars to find a way to explain the unexplainible and possible fathom the creature that is The Quadrapuss. Through understanding the cosmic tentacle we can traverse space and time blazing bright across the universe.


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