Under the name “Pablo Selecta”, since 2003, Pablo started playing full-on and ambient dj sets at various clubs and parties for 4 years. After two years, in 2005, he started another project for a psychedelic trance live act named “GND Machines”. In December 2009 Pablo Selecta’s first album was released with an Ambient/Lounge music theme titled: "MiraMonti Terrace vol. 01". From there on out followed Pablo Selecta’s actual live set that, like the “GND” live set, includes music characteristics that are played exclusively with the use of analogic machines.

After the success of the first album "MiraMonti Terrace vol. 01", Pablo is actually working on a personal EP, more psychedelic and deep. From the beginning of 2011, Pablo has been constantly busy with a lot of gigs (including progressive dj-sets) in his home-base city, Turin, where he plays regularly.
He have bringed both live-set in several country across the whole world, sharing the stage with many famous artists.


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