One thing you should know about Dj Loose Cannon is that he sucks at this bio business. But Loose has been playing ALL SHORTS of music at clubs, raves & doofs for well over a decade so he has the goods to make you dance your but off and have a great time.
Loose cannon is known for playing many styles of Psychedelic sounds, from quite fast to fairly slow tripped out fun. Prog Psy, break beats, acid, techno, hip hop. All ways keeping it fresh & different by taking risks, using the dance floor as an experimental zone for creation. Tricks in the mix, effects, sampling, catchy cheeky acappellas & can be seen delivering all of this over 3 decks, never afraid to drop some reggae or good feeling old time classics.
He has played at some big parties and festivals over the years like Erisian Fields (Sydney), Transmission Parties (Sydney), Injected (Melbourne), DEFQON 1 (Sydney) 3D (Melbourne), Sunrise Beach Parties (South Coast), Gatecrasher, New Psycle, Residence @ Plastic (Sydney), Galactic Centre, Black Magic (Sydney),PSYFARI festival, Deepspace ( syd) Stonefest (Canberra), Dragon Dreaming Festival (Canberra) Happy daze ( QLD ) Metamorphosis (QLD)and a Bloody lot more.
He has also supported some of the world's best DJs and producers such as Hallucinogen (UK), Proc's , Stella Ink pony, Bliss, Trold, Sensient (Australia), Electrypnose, Zen Mechanics, Brid of prey, Birds of Paradise, UFO (UK), Sonic Animation (Australia), Farebi Jalebe (australia), Endorphin (Australia), Sticky buds (USA)San & Tac (australia), The Fruitbat (USA), Yoji Biomehanika (Japan), Space Tribe (Australia), Scorb (uk), Devieant Spices (uk), Proteus (Finland), Antix (New zealand), 28 Days (Australia), Koolism (Australia), PQM (USA), GTR (Europe), Mr Bill (australia)Tetrameth (Australia), Shadow FX (Australia),Grouch (Zew zealand), JOOf (UK),Minimal Criminal (brazil), Merkaba (Australia), Pspiralife (Australia), Sqiud inc, Hed Flux (uk) and many, many more.


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