The project started in 2005 (originally as a duo) from an idea by Pablo to create a psy-trance live set purely analogue, played with drum machines and analog instruments only. This is what makes the sound so hypnotic and unique. The result is a mixture of psychedelic vibes (with a special care to "oldschool" style sounds) combined with modern and powerful bass lines. GND music is structured to push the adrenaline of the dancefloor at the highest levels, by mixing aggressive sinth, acid landscapes and funny loop samples all togheter.
From 2007, he has played in several country across Europe, Asia and Australia. Borned under the TranceMission influence, GND joined the Aussie label “Essential Slam Funk Records” in January 2014, where he released his first ep "10000 spliffs". Pablo is currently running the "Planetarium studio" in  Italy while working constantly on his musical projects.


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