Codes Watt is “Codetech” a local from Newcastle who has been a part of the newy crew, who bring you newpsycle, for years. So, after many years in the psy scene he decided to take up djing and has been dishing out your regular dose of psytrance around the nsw bushland for a solid four years now. Frequently gracing the dance floors with full power & melodic night time tuna which has seen him play a long side the likes of Dust, Whiptounge, Twisted system, Bear, Headroom, Rabdom L, Pspiralife, Ryanosaurus, Tetrameth to name a few. He has been a regular at newpsycle now for the last few years and has also blasted the decks at these events, Hypnotic 1 & 2. 2014/2015, RecommendSolutions 2016, Psydways 2016, Melting moments 2016, Secret Sessions 2016, Area51 2016, Geo 2016, Section One 2016 Antigravity 2017, Freakshow 2017, Twisted elements 2017, Psylentnight 2017


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