Autosome [aw-tuh-sohm] aka Samuel France was born in the small town of Nambour in the lush sunshine state of Queensland, Australia in 1990. First introduced to electronic music in 2007, Autosome set his sights on mixing - he fell in love with syncing two tracks together and bringing out the best elements of each in ever-evolving ways. After much experience mixing Autosome’s curiosity about the fundamentals of composition arose and his journey as a producer started. His style is typified by deep bass lines, morphing melodies infused in psychedelic roots, and an emphasis on progressive syncopation. Autosome is inspired by fellow artists and elements of the environments he is surrounded in. His first DAW was no other than Fruity Loops 7, however he has since found his true love in Cubase, progressing to other software such as Ableton and Protools. While hardware lends itself greatly to creativity, the Autosome sound is based on in-the-box producing. Autosome’s first release, “Elephant Rain Dance” was released with ESF (Essential Slam Funk) Records with remixes by no other than Vinny Xavier and Xenoscapes. It is still early days in the career of Autosome – stay tuned!


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